The Beginning

A quick note to say this Blog is open for business. Over the coming months I'll be posting bizarre and obscure ideas for intro coding: super small graphics programs. The example image is from "Spheres Dream" which is just 4k ..4096 bytes. 4 scenes, music and synthesiser in 4k. It requires pixel shaders 2.0 and a fast graphics card (series 6 Nvidia or x600 onwards from ATi). The graphics are mine and the synth is by Pohar of the demogroup Rebels.

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  1. Shockwave11/10/07

    Thanks for the great first page Chris :) Some really nice explanations about the use of shader language and the distortion effect in your excellent 4kb.

    I won't pretend to understand shader language but it's really interesting to get the explanation of what's going on which I would not have understood from just looking at the listing.