Wada basin in real time

My raytracer works well enough to set up something never seen before (I think). This is a shot of a real time animation of a Wada Basin fractal. It runs around 30 fps with no attempt to optimise. Its early days yet but I'm hoping this will really pay off. The slightly wrong shape is due to a severe perspective distortion. I'll fix this and publish better images soon. As usual bigger images are available by clicking on small images.

If you are unsure what a Wada Basin is and why a real time one is quite a novelty, have a look here at Paul Bourkes superb web pages.

I'm not happy with colours or shape yet but in motion, it looks great.


  1. Anonymous5/11/07

    the last pic is scary :) it ooks like a mask from Venezia

    anyway the technology is great


  2. Looking awesome, auld. Really looking forward to see this babe in motion !!!

  3. Phr I agree, its sort of looks like a death mask. Hmmm When you think about that its just an image deep down between reflective spheres, it gets weird.