All my 1ks (1024byte) intros

Again, I published a lot of these under different names but incase there is any confusion, all these tiny intros are my own work. Its clear to see from these that I got better and better: well as a general trend anyway. Its good to see such a progression over the last two years. I'd advise anyone entering the scene, no matter how much experience you have that it will take a few years to get good. I still haven't made a 4k I'm happy with but I do like my latest 1k chocolux. This one turned out well and for once I'm happy. Anyway to the list. They are in (roughly) reverse order, so the most recent one is first.

Chocolux (PS3.0 required)
Comment: Recursive raytracing of spheres.
Personal Rating: 9/10. Colours right! At last 9/10 - one I like.

Labyrinth1k (FAST PS3.0 required)
Comment: Raymarching.
Personal Rating: 7/10. Colours wrong! Camera path and animation synched in 1k isnt bad though. I feel this one is underrated. I can see why though. Slooooow.
Flow2 (PS2.0 required)
Comment: A corrupted mandelbrot set with two merging rendering schemes.
Personal Rating: 8/10. Its really very nice to look at.

Annoying Blue Circle (PS2.0 required)
Comment: A sphere with displacement shader and cool colours.
Personal Rating: 8/10. It works, its fun and has good sound by ampli.

Mandelflow (PS2.0 required)
Comment: A corrupted mandelbrot set with candy colour scheme.
Personal Rating: 7/10. Its nice to look at but not quite as advanced as flow2.

Morpheus (PS2.0 required)
Comment: A sphere with displacement shader.
Personal Rating: 7/10. It works, it has sound and texture.

Trinity (PS2.0 required)
Comment: A sphere with displacement shader and noise.
Personal Rating: 8/10. This is my fav of the matrix trilogy. This one feels like trinity to me. No sound loses it points ut the presentation works very well.

MrAnderson (PS2.0 required)
Comment: A sphere with displacement shader.
Personal Rating: 7/10. The first OGL and shader 1k anywhere!

Ah Bollocks
Comment: A sphereflake (sortof) with a cool animated texture by mind.
Personal Rating: 4/10. I dont like it. Its rough and colours are depressing.

Comment: Curved, animated, 3d models in 1k!
Personal Rating: 6/10. OK it looks rough but curved 3d models gives it points for me.

Scotland the furball
Comment: Fur in 1k.
Personal Rating: 4/10. The fur should animate and its way too slow. Still - fur!

Comment: A tenticular monster, animated.
Personal Rating: 4/10. Very low tech but it works ok, the animation is nice.

Comment: A proper intro (start, middle, music, textures, 3d model, camera move)
Personal Rating: 6/10. It looks rough again (why do I do this) but its got so much in it I have to rate it well.

Comment: An interpreter language in 1k drawing some abstract rubbish.
Personal Rating:
3/10. Just awful colours destroy this one.
Comment: a real synth in 1k.
Personal Rating: 3/10. It just didnt work.

Hypnot1k (WinXP SP2 ONLY)
Comment: Music, speach, text and graphics in 1k.
Personal Rating: 2/10. My god what was I thinking - the colours - the sound.

Kagazoon (WinXP ONLY)
Comment: Watch your screen spin in 1k.
Personal Rating: 7/10 the first time. 5/10 thereafter. Its not bad looking but its a gimmick.

Comment: 6 or seven scenes in 1k!
Personal Rating: 6/10. The scenes are too long and a bit ugly but damn thats a lot of effects in 1k! Show me any 1k with even half this many scenes.

Comment: A texture gen engine in 1k.
Personal Rating: 5/10. Not bad, not too ugly. Texture gen in 1k is not so easy.

Phew I think thats all. These days even a 1k takes me more than a month to find a good idea and nail it so it works on Nvidia, ATi and fits inside 1k.

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