Traditionally Sceners Dont Publish Code

I read that in a scene magazine recently. Since I started I've been publishing code and trying to help people newer than myself to improve. I was naive and thought that was just the right thing to do. Dumb or clever, I shared my code. Some of it useful, most not so much, but I shared it. However, lately its been more trouble than its worth. Actually no, right from the start. I published code then removed it only to receive nasty emails about the removal, as if people had a right to my code. I've had my code ripped with no credits. I've had people contact me very late at night to fix their code and been angry that I don't want to help at midnight. I've helped people as much as I could and then not received any credit. People have been angry at me that I size optimised their code: one guy even seems not to want to share code anymore.

Real-life is enough hassle without all this. So, after a lot of thought, I've decided to restrict this blog to the usual boring stuff like what I am working on and so forth. No more code here: I'll do it the traditional way from now on.

Now Ill just wait for someone to be angry at me because I stopped sharing code...

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