Riverwash 1k invitro

I've just finished a tiny (1k) invitro for the Riverwash party as an experiment. It was a real challenge to squeeze in all the usual text for an invitro (name, date, place, compos, website) into a 1k and present it in an interesting way. Its no work of art but it does the job quite nicely. I don't know any other invitros of this size so I think its the smallest one ever done.

The concept is very simple: an infinite zoom on text. At Evoke 2006,'Die Ewigkeit schmerzt' by neuro won the demo compo using a version of this technique. Neuro and Farbrausch then won Breakpoint 2008 demo competition with a very advanced and beautiful version.

Getting it into 1k would have been impossible without the '+' sign. The technique relies on one item being displayed inside another as you zoom. So things have to be carefully placed. However, by using the plus sign, I was able to guarantee a character in an area of the screen that would always be placed correctly for the next text. Its not always necessary (capital P, R and so on do not need it as they have horizontal bars in the right place), but it often is. This simple trick meant I did not need to store text co-ordinates or interpolate as I zoom from one place to another.

Download it here.

Incase you are wondering, the extreme colours are because Riverwash takes place in Poland.

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