Qoob Matures

Qoob now has about 80% of the functionality I want in a basic modeller, at least for now. For personal reasons I will take a break from coding for a few weeks and leave you with a few more sample images. The next step will be to make an actual intro using the tool.

Click on the images for larger versions. I've managed to get some organic, some holes and some asymmetry into the modeller. Undo is implemented (well,ok, one level). The next major step is to put the geometry lib into a 64k framework.

But a burning question is - how big is the Qoob library? Whats the overhead?
Here is a test I performed.
Using crinkler 1.0 ( I cant get 1.1 to work for me) I constructed a minimal OGL program : 600 bytes after compression. I then added Qoob library and called each function once to force inclusion. The program size was 2.4k with crinkler settings of /CRINKLER /COMPMODE:SLOW /ORDERTRIES:3000 /UNSAFEIMPORT. No smarts here to help crinkler and probably not the right settings. Likely, the library can shrink a bit but also could grow a little with the few functions I have left to put in. Its safe to assume therefore that <2k is the Qoob overhead.

2k - thats good, better than I expected. Very useful for 64k. The models range from 3 bytes (a chamfered cube) to 200 for the characters.

Maybe its worth rewriting this using DirectX and getting it into 4ks after all? The 4k might be non-demoscene standard - a sort of model show in 4k...but thats an achievement by itself in some ways.