Qoob libs Released and Modeller Upgraded

Qoob libraries are out! You can now include qoob models in intros or anything really. To go with the libs, the modeller has been upgraded and many bugs removed. It should be 99% stable now. There are a few new features such as moving the model using the mouse (much requested). Oh and Undo now works ... ahem...better.

Check it out at http://qoob.weebly.com


  1. I found this when Ville added support to ZGameEditor,. I am quite liking it! I built a small demo here; http://www.emix8.org/forum/viewtopic.php?p=4137#4137

    Issues I have noticed;

    -Saving a file the dialoge is an 'open' one, however the saving works fine.
    -Face => Scale Uniform seems to get noisey?


    -Middle Mouse Button rotate camera,. Mouse Wheel zoom.

    -Extrude Region like wings, i.e all contiguous faces as one.

    and well any more of the wings like tools, really. This is alread very usefull please keep adding stuff! thanks.

  2. Thanks for comments and suggestions. Qoob 2 will be out in Q1 next year and I'll consider all suggestions for the next release. Nice little intro - great to see someone using qoob!