Getting OpenGL shaders even smaller

Flow2 is a 1k of mine from over 12 months ago. It was 1022 bytes. Since then, several things changed. Firstly, ATi fixed their drivers for *some* cards so that you no longer need a vertex shader/fragment shader pair. As per the glsl spec only a fragment shader is necessary. Fearmoths exploited this in their Linux 1k You Massive Clod. Secondly, last January Crinkler 1.1a was released which compressed better (20 or so bytes). Thirdly, I got better at size reducing C code for crinkler.

So, it was time to revisit an old intro and try to size reduce it. As it happens flow2 didnt have a proper timer so I decided to add one, taking the intro way up over 1024 bytes. Nontheless the current exe is ... wait for it... 890 bytes!!
Thats extra timer code and still 130 bytes smaller. OK, some code. Flow2 is a "one polygon and a shader" style of intro. The point is now you don't need a vertex shader, just a pixel shader, the tiny glsl code can be even smaller:

void setShaders() {
GLuint p,s;
s = ((PFNGLCREATESHADERPROC)wglGetProcAddress("glCreateShader"))(GL_FRAGMENT_SHADER);
((PFNGLSHADERSOURCEPROC)wglGetProcAddress("glShaderSource")) (s, 1, &fsh, NULL);
p = ((PFNGLCREATEPROGRAMPROC)wglGetProcAddress("glCreateProgram"))();
((PFNGLUSEPROGRAMPROC) wglGetProcAddress("glUseProgram"))(p);

Now the big question...can you fit a synth and music in 130 bytes? Midi for sure but a real synth? The wav header alone is around 43 bytes after compression, add in PlaySoundA and already half the bytes are gone. It seems unlikely but ... well...