New 4k finished

Despite a very tough year for me, I've finally finished another 4k. This time the synth and music come from s!p and graphics and concept (yes, there is a concept!) from me. It was released tonight at TRSAC. Thanks go to Rbraz too for a piece of code he placed at dbfinteractive forum for all to use. As usual, click for larger versions.

The 4k is about my experience as an "oldskool" guy seeking work in a "newskool" environment. In a country where I don't speak the language too well. Requires PS3.0 card and quite a strong one (say x1800 or 7XXX class onwards). It runs under XP or Vista and also on Nvidia and ATi.

Watch out for it on Pouet soon: Triangle Ted Seeks a Job. Once again, Youtube succeeds in murdering the quality (the uploaded version was quite good) but here is the video anyway. It should whet your apetite to see the intro for real I hope.