4k Procedural Graphics

A new category in size coding has been legitimised by the fantastic work of RGBAs iq: 4k procedural graphics. Unlike intros, procedural graphics draw a single image and stop. Usually the image takes from a few seconds to upwards of a minute to render.

Here are some of the best examples to date:
photon race
off the shelf

It occurs to me though that there is huge scope for innovation in this category. Here are some ideas:

- Image plus music. An image is drawn and accompanying mood music plays.
- Image plus movement. An image bigger than the screen could be drawn and scrolled or zoomed.
- Slide show. Several images are rendered and displayed with some transition one afetr another.
- Red-blue image. 3D images requiring red-blue glasses.
- RDS Images (random dot stereograms)
- Movies (perhaps this breaks the fundamentals of no animation)

It seems there may be lots of ways to expand this category. 2009 promising to be equally as interesting as 2008 has been in the sizecoding area.