Disappointing Last 4k

Last year I quit dbfinteractive forums, where previously I was very active. If you dont know it, I recommend it as a place to find interesting code snippets for beginners in the demoscene. I also did my last 1k. Largely, I felt I was going nowhere fast with my 1ks. The same is true of my 4ks now and Triangle Ted is my last 4k. TT was meant to be my first 100+ thumbs on Pouet, and my last 4k. Instead it turned out to be a backward step (in rating terms) but remains my last 4k. Disappointing but thats life.

I hope that you've enjoyed some of my 4ks and maybe even been inspired to try yourself.

I like the challenge of size coding so this blog will continue and when I produce anything useful it will go here. As a consequence of not competing in the scene I can be freer with code and what I do which is really what I need now. This means more code should be available on this blog than before. Hurrah!